Today it was reported in the Wall Street Journal how China is growing in their technology of drones in this article. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703374304575622350604500556.html. The Chinese are spending a lot of time & money in a technology that is on the cutting of of military strategy. Though this technology is fairly new to them, they have 25 versions of drones. This shows their seriousness in catching up to the U. S. & Israel in this valuable military technology. They even have one that is jet powered. This jet powered model will fly faster than any of the propeller driven drones that other nations have.

This could have an impact on End Times fulfillment. This shows how China is growing in their military might. Even though they don’t have a huge army now, this technology would help them in battles by letting them see the battlefield below and gain valuable knowledge about their situation. They can also use this technology in selling it to other nations. This would help the future Chinese army if other nations use them in battles by weakening their enemies so they would be less of a problem for the Chinese.

This is another way that shows the Chinese are growing in military might, possibly helping to set them up into a position to be the 200 million man army that will cross the Euphrates river during the Biblical End Times. Not to say that they are the End Time ‘Kings of the East’, but they certainly seem to be gearing up for war.