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The United States cannot be found in End Time Bible prophecy, yet it can be said that China can as the Kings of the East that come across the Euphrates River with a military 200,000,000 men strong. So let me propose a theory. Could the United States become an ally of China in the End Times or could China render the United States useless by destroying our economy?
Right now the United States and China are friendly enemies, each having different types of governments. China is a communist nation; that is the government runs and has the last word over business and everything. The people do not vote to elect their leaders. The United States is democratic nation, we vote to elect our leaders. The government is to be limited in their direct ruling of the people. Corporations are not owned by the government but have restrictions in the way they can do business.
But the United States government is deep in debt, getting in even deeper in the past two years. And one of the nations we get the largest loans from? China. This country is getting deeper into debt to a country that is against a lot of our founding principles. China is well known for their human rights violations. China at this time is building up their military and gaining ground in many technologies. Some experts predict that China could catch up to the United States in a few years with their military. In part, the United States government is funding this increase in military and technology through the interest being paid on our loans. But China is concerned about the U.S. getting deeper into debt, because they know that inflation will go higher, and that will decrease the value of the dollar, thereby devaluing their loan. So they might do something soon to prevent the debt from getting worse and not devaluing their loan.
This deep debt to China can be held over the United States heads to prevent us from helping our allies (Taiwan). China can use the financial leverage they have to devalue our currency even further and send more financial shock waves throughout this country. Could they use this new found financial power to somehow get the United States to doing their work or to ally ourselves more with them than the Western world? They know they can’t take this country by brute force, but are they slowly buying out this country?
Already a year or two ago they sold off a bunch of U.S. stocks, which had a very bad effect upon our economy. They are also encouraging other countries to get off of the U.S. dollar standard and possibly go to the Yuan. This would devalue the dollar and put more value on their currency. They don’t seem to be using this debt as a help to the United States as much as to help their own global power interests. They could be using this debt to push down the United States economy and/or to get us to help them in their own gains.
The Chinese have set up one of two paths that they could direct the United States and help to set up the United States to fulfill End Time prophecy, if it was to occur soon. The Chinese can use this economic weapon against the United States to destroy our finances and send us into a depression, thereby making us useless on the world stage because we couldn’t afford our military. Or they could use it over our heads to get us to side with them so they won’t destroy us economically. Either way, the United States would not be an important player in the End Times. Could this debt be the way that the United States goes down on the world stage to help set up End Time Bible prophecy to happen in our lifetime?