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Today the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is Constitutional. Is this another step toward implementing the Mark of the Beast?

The Mark of the Beast is not just a number that will be on hands or forehead without which people cannot buy or sell anything, but a system in which a central government controls commerce. This ruling today could be another step toward giving the government more control over its people by forcing people to participate in a section of commerce that they might not either want to, maybe because either they are young and in good health, they just cannot afford to or just don’t want to.

A central issue in Obamacare is the way it collects its revenue, via the Individual Mandate. They sold this under the Commerce Clause, meaning the government has a right to make people purchase insurance because it has the right to control commerce and people who do not have insurance is costing the government more money. But when the administration brought forth their argument before the Supreme Court, they said the government had a right to implement this as a tax, that if people don’t have insurance then they would be paying a tax to cover their portion. They said one thing in selling this to the public; then argued something else in court. Unfortunately, Chief Justice Roberts sided with this view, who was the unexpected difference maker in his vote on this issue.

Now this country will have a new tax in a way that we never have before. All taxes are based on revenue changing hands; whether it is taxes on a person’s salary or taxes on something that is being purchased. This will be the first tax based on something that the government says everybody should have, not something that they have received.

If not changed by new lawmakers voted into Washington in the national elections this fall, this will become the law of the land. Even if the citizens cannot afford healthcare, it will be forced upon them or else they will have to pay this tax, which the Administration originally called a penalty. This law will give the government another way to control its people; this could serve as another step in setting the stage for the Antichrist to have more power over people when he does come into power. Unless we get new legislators, who knows how much this will embolden the government to force their will even more over the people; to force people to do what they do not want to do.

Another thing this administration has done already to force their way upon the people in healthcare is to demand that all health insurance policies cover abortions. This policy forces people who believe that abortion is infanticide to help to pay for women to have their abortions, even though abortion isn’t a medical issue. The Catholic Church has already came against this new policy, as they believe it is against what the Bible teaches.

I am not saying that the ruling today shows that we are in the End Times. Several other countries already have similar policies about healthcare. But if we are in the End Times of the Bible, expect more rights and freedoms to be taken away from the people. That will make it easier for the Antichrist to begin 666, the policy in which people cannot buy or sell anything without the mark, giving the government even more control over its citizens.