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We feel like we are on an Island
A long distance from the ones who love us
But we are not alone

A storm is hammering us
The lightening scorching its mighty power
The thunder is heckling us
The rain drenching us to the bone
Our aloneness is heightened
But we are not alone

The island is a protection
Shielding us from outside harm
Providing a deterrent from some outside forces
The sea is full of life, if we look, we can see it
We are not alone

God sees us on the island
His love and care never leave us
His tender mercies reach out to us every day
We are not alone

The storm is pounding, but God is inside it
The lightening booms with the power of His glory
The thunder roars His mighty voice so we won’t miss it
The rain saturates us in His tears
The power of His love is all around us
We are not alone

The love and prayers of our loved ones
Prance across the waters to reach us
The waters cannot impede them
Our loved ones are with us in spirit
We are not forgotten
We are not alone

The storm will cease
It won’t go on forever
The sun will shine again
We will feel the warmth of God’s love
We are not alone

God will bring us off that island
Out of our time of feeling away
Because of God’s loving hand and mercy
We can endure the trials we go through
God’s promise is to never leave us or forsake us
We are not, nor ever will be, alone