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When I started this blog my intention was to discuss how End Time events of the Bible could be unfolding today.  I did post my 7 part study on the subject.

With this article I want to get back to the topic of the Biblical End Times.  We could be seeing several things going on in the world that could be indicating that we are quickly approaching the End Times that are prophesied in the Bible.  I do not mean to say that we definitely are; I just want to get people to think about it.  If we are near the End Times, we need to be ready for the coming judgment.  My goal is to write at least one article a week.

On July 7, 2016, there was a tragic shooting of several Police officers in Dallas, Texas.  Five Police officers were killed, while seven other police officers and two civilians were also shot.  They were at a peaceful rally where several people were protesting some recent police killings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana.  The rally was because it looks like those killings could have been done due to prejudice.  It appears that white Police officers were killing black men.

These are not the first incidences where black men have been killed by the Police in this country.  We are seeing more instances of these pop up on social media so the press is covering these events.  Black Lives Matter has grown because they see racial profiling happening.  This is why these people in Dallas were protesting; they are getting tired of seeing black people getting killed by the police.

Whereas most of the people in this protest were peaceful, one person took the law into his own hands.  He was an Army veteran who had served in the Army Reserves.  He stated his purpose was to kill white people, especially white officers.  He succeeded at this until the police killed him.

Does this event have anything to do with the End Times that the Bible predicts?  Not in itself; but maybe it is a part of the signs of the beginning of the End Times.  This could be a small part of the birth pangs that Jesus mentions.

The Bible warns about internal conflict before the Last Days.  In Matthew chapter 24, Jesus is informing his Disciples about the end of the age.  One thing He says in verse 7a, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” (NIV)  In our current thought, we think of these two as the same thing.  But why would Jesus make a difference between nation and kingdom?  Did Jesus see a difference?  Could the difference be between nations that had kings and those that didn’t?  It couldn’t, because back in Jesus’ time there were no Presidents, every nation had a king, or another autocrat, as their leader.

But Jesus does make this differentiation.  The nation looks like it is what we think of, a country.  But the kingdom He mentioned could be factions within a nation or groups of people in different nations working for the same principle.  This killing in Dallas could be a part of this ‘kingdom against kingdom’.  Even though it only speaks about the reaction of one man, he clearly spoke that his motivation was to kill white people, because he saw white people killing blacks.

I suggest that this is a small part of the picture of what Jesus meant when He said “kingdom against kingdom”.  We see other instances in the world.  Take the way that some radical Muslims kill innocent people.  For examples: in San Bernardino where a gunman and his wife killed several co-workers or in Orlando where one gunman killed several people in a bar.  Again, Muslims as a whole are not doing this, but there is a faction who is.

There are ongoing protests which disrupt life going on in France.  The unions are angry because of governmental reforms that give large companies more freedom in dealing with their employees, instead of letting unions have more say.

In several places in the northern part of Mexico, gangs are terrorizing and killing people so they can keep their trade routes open.

Fighting has broken out in Sudan, forcing people to flee their homes.

These types of things have been happening for a long time; so in themselves they are not a sign.  We don’t think that much about them.  But when we put them together, there seems to be more of these types of events happening around the world.  These events make many people tense and cause governments to build up security to try to thwart similar events from happening again. After all, the reason we have strict security in airports is because a small handful of people have hijacked airplanes.

I am not saying that this event in Dallas is an End Time event.  But as we see more factions of people going against each other it could be another birth pang that Jesus mentioned.  Birth pangs grow in frequency as the time of birth draws near.  It could be a birth pang that shows that the Great Tribulation is getting nearer.  This event will last 7 years and will be the most terrible time that people on the earth have ever experienced.  We could be seeing more of these types of events happening throughout the world.  Like on 7/14/16 when someone driving a truck killed over 70 people in Nice, France, or 7/15/16 with a coup in Turkey.

We need to be trusting in Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  He has forewarned us about many things that will happen in the End Days so we can be ready for whatever happens.  Jesus has not promised to keep us safe from all harm, but He has promised to give us eternal life and the peace we need to make it through all of life’s difficulties when we trust in Him.