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Looking at the current political landscape, I have to wonder if the United States is about to fall apart from the inside.  People on the political right and on the political left are getting louder in their complaining and not wanting to work with each other about the way the other side is doing things.  I have read articles how some people in this nation are concerned about another civil war happening.  It won’t be a civil war like this country had in the 1880’s, but a civil war of much incivility and unrest.  Several rich people are already building bunkers to protect themselves and their families from the civil unrest they see coming.  Looking at what the Bible says about the End Times, the time before Jesus comes back, there is no mention of the United States.  This means either the United States doesn’t exist, or would be a minor country in those days.  Could we be heading in that direction?

World history is has several examples of countries who fell from the inside.  Rome, a nation that stayed a world class empire for centuries, finally collapsed.  It wasn’t so much of the barbarian nations around them that kept attacking them, but that nation fell because of complacency and inner turmoil.  Looking at the more recent past, the Soviet Union was a world power for decades.  Many Westerners were worried about them because of their iron grip on their people, the influence they had on other nations and their apparent desire to expand the communist manifesto in other countries.  But the Soviet Union collapsed from the inside.  Several nations split off from the Soviet Union.  We are now more familiar with the main country of the Soviet Union; Russia, which is still causing problems.

The United States used to be a country in which people were tolerant of each other’s beliefs.  Tolerance meaning that we don’t have to accept what someone else believes, but we agree to disagree.  We find the middle ground and work with each other.  Nowadays some groups say that tolerance means that everybody has to accept what they believe, even though they do not give the same acceptance as to what other people believe.

This country has always had divisions; that is one reason why we have so many political parties.  But this problem seems to have escalated since Barack Obama became our President.  Having everyone in the United States have Medical Insurance was a big priority for President Obama.  During his first term in office there was a majority of Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Therefore President Obama was able to push forward the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed Obamacare.  Many is the U.S. did not like the way Obamacare came together and had many concerns about it.  Whereas the Democrats did have a majority in the Senate, they lacked the 60 percent needed to override a filibuster by the Republicans and make it the law of the land.  So instead they went with what is considered the nuclear option; they changed the rules and were able to pass the Affordable Care Act with a simple majority.

Many conservatives were upset with the way the progressives were leading the country and the way that Republicans were acting in Congress and the Senate.  They wanted changes but knew it was unwise to form a new political party.  Instead they formed a group within the Republican Party, the Tea Party, which would appeal to the Conservative base.  Many small Tea Party groups were formed throughout the nation.  Thus they were able to form a voting block to get the word out and support more right wing, conservative principles to come against the more progressive leadership in the country as well as the Centrists within the Republican Party.

In 2016 the leadership in the United States took a turn that no one was expecting.  Hillary Clinton was ahead in the polls and was expected to be the next President of the United States; someone who would continue the policies of President Obama.  Instead, Donald Trump won the Electoral College and became the next President.  This riled many progressives because they thought Mrs. Clinton should be President.  The polls had all indicated this and she won the majority of votes.  This is not the first time a candidate won the majority of votes but not the Electoral College.

The progressive voices are coming out louder now.  They are out more against President Trump and his conservative leanings.  The progressives are going to Congressmen’s Town Hall meetings, disrupting them as well as doing more protesting.

Even looking at the way our Senators have been behaving is discouraging as to being able to work in unity.  As I mentioned earlier, the Democrat Senators did away with the filibuster to be able to pass the Affordable Care Act.  Then in 2013, when the Democrat Senators couldn’t get approval for Appellate Justices because the Republicans kept blocking them with a filibuster, they changed the rules again so that Appellate Justices only have to get a simple majority of votes to be confirmed for their position.  Then just in the past few weeks, the Republican led Senate changed the rules to they could get a conservative to fill the vacant Supreme Court spot.  The Democrats did not do that last year so that President Obama could put his choice in that chair.  The Senators do not seem to be able to get a few colleagues from the other party over to get certain things passed.  They are playing hardball with each other.  This is causing rule changes that were put in place to help the American people to be put aside so they can appeal to their bases.

Political division is running strife in this nation.  It is theorized that the reason the Presidential election polls were not correct is because several people did not want to admit they would be voting for Mr. Trump.  They felt they needed to be politically correct with those they are around and say that they were going to vote for Mrs. Clinton.  I know in personal dealings with people from both sides of the political spectrum, there is more animosity toward the other side.

But it is not just politically that this nation is splitting, it is also racially.  There have been several incidents in the last few years where it looks like policemen are being overly aggressive in dealing with some people, mostly those who are black.  This is causing more distrust in the African American community toward policemen.  Because of this distrust, there was an incident last year when an African American indiscriminately shot twelve policemen and two civilians in Dallas.  Five of the policemen died.

I recently read an article in which the author noted the instability in this nation.  He theorized that all it would take to turn the anger into violence is another economic downturn.  I do not know if that is all it will take, but seeing the way American’s are losing ability to communicate civilly does cause concern in me and several other people.

We need to be a country who can civilly discuss differences, to work with each other to make the compromises need to remain a viable country.  If we do not, even though the United States is considered a world power now, might we be another world power that shrinks into irrelevance through our own inner turmoil?